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FLAKE cork grip pack for Mini Malibu, Malibu, Hybrid, Evolutive type boards from 7' to 8' feet (213cm to 244cm)

This pack includes 3M self-adhesive patches in 100% natural cork 2 millimeters thick and an installation template for a radical transformation of your board.

They are designed to be stuck to your board permanently.

3M adhesive with excellent adhesion. High resistance to plastics in a humid environment. Operating temperature ranging from -40°C to +120°C.

An Effective , Aesthetic and Eco-responsible solution in a very easy to install format .

“Very easy to install on a well “de-waxed” board with its installation template”

  • A product without excess packaging.
  • 100% recyclable cork.
  • Made in France.


  • 116 3M self-adhesive grips
  • 2 installation templates
  • QR Code with installation instructions
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Pack dimensions 25cm x 16cm x 5cm
  • Package weight 440 grams
  • Made in France


    • A 100% natural cork
    • No degradation in the ocean
    • Non-slip and water resistant
    • Abrasion resistant
    • 3M adhesive
    • Use in all types of water temperatures
    • The board stays clean
    • The board does not stick to the cover
    • Vibration reduction
    • Protects and increases deck density
    • Sensation of softness on contact with the feet